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An image of a CS 9300 scanning system | Used at Dr Stacy Geisler OMS

The team at Geisler Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery believes it is important that our patients receive the most advanced care possible. Therefore, we use cone beam computed tomography (CBCT), the newest innovation in imaging, to take highly accurate images of the anatomical structure of your teeth, bones, and nerves. This technology serves as the foundation for 3D printing of surgical guides and customized 3D printed metal plates.

What is cone beam 3D imaging?

3D imaging with cone beam is a CT scan system that generates high definition images of our patients’ oral cavities within seconds. We use this innovative technology to collect precise details and accurately diagnose and then plan treatments that are tailored to your specific case. We can arrange for you to have CBCT through an imaging center or we can work with CBCT completed at other offices. This will minimize your exposure to ionizing radiation as well as minimizing costs for your surgical care.

Benefits of Surgery Planning with CBCT

Simply put, CBCT provides information that traditional 2D images don’t.
3D imaging allows Dr. Geisler to:

  • Have visual access to every angle
  • Eliminate guesswork in measuring and positioning implants
  • Analyze nerve, sinus, and roots positions before surgery
  • Determine best treatment options

Enhancing Patient Care

3D imaging is the latest tool that not only is effective in aiding doctors to perform their best work but also significantly improves our patients’ experiences as well.
3D imaging systems:

  • Allow patients exposure to very low amounts of radiation.
  • Provide the most accurate diagnosis and treatment plans.
  • Facilitate increased success in procedures.
  • Decrease surgical risk factors by diagnosing problems earlier.

The Exceptionally Low Cost of Our 3D Imaging

At Geisler Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, we are well aware of the expenses that can accumulate when it comes to oral and maxillofacial surgery. That’s why we go out of our way to do what it takes to minimize costs for our patients while using advanced technology in all our procedures. The main way in which we are able to cut costs for our patients is by partnering with the top facility in Portland, Siker Imaging. We have negotiated a reduced fee for our cases at this facility. We also utilize a board certified maxillofacial dental radiologist to review your scan to ensure that there are no unexpected surprises, such as sleep apnea or a tooth that needs a root canal.

3D Printing

CBCT allows for the use of 3D printing techniques, a new and cutting edge technology. The CBCT scan data can be combined with an oral scan and/or traditional impressions from dental molds. This data then allows for the printing of the most accurate surgical guides and customized 3D printed metal plates for complex jaw surgery. This technology also allows for customized 3D printed surgical guides for dental implant placement. In some instances, customized temporary crowns can be prepared in advance for dental implant cases.

Health and Safety Benefits of 3D Printing

The health and safety of our patients is our top priority. To keep 3D printed items sterile and to be compliant with all infection control and quality issues, we limit all of our 3D printing needs to DAMAS labs in Oregon and Washington. This is to ensure that each 3D printed item is of the highest quality with minimal error which results in better surgical results.

The Advantages of Partnering with O’Brien (OR) and Ziemek (WA) Dental Laboratories

Partnering with these renowned dental labs for our 3D printing needs:

  • Provides the most accurate 3D printed splints and implant crowns.
  • Offers the lowest cost around.
  • Allows access to all systems available—resulting in better outcomes and lower prices—rather than locking into one system for data acquisition.


Geisler Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery uses Advanced Technology

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