Stacy A. Geisler, DDS, PhD

Oral Surgeon Lake Oswego OR

Meet Dr. Geisler

Meet Dr. Geisler Dr. Stacy Geisler is the first female, board certified oral and maxillofacial surgeon in the history of the state of Oregon. Now with over twenty-five years of surgical practice, she focuses her clinical activities on facial reconstruction and implant surgery. She is constantly seeking out new technology and surgical advances in order to improve care for her patients.


Dr. Geisler’s education has included the University of California, Davis and Case Western Reserve University, as well as the University of Texas, Houston and University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Dr. Geisler has graduated with honors from undergraduate, graduate and professional schools. She has received numerous academic honors and is a member of many professional societies such as the American Dental Association and the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons. She was a professor of oral and maxillofacial surgery at the Oregon Health and Science University for three years and has been an investigator on several research projects related to clinical care and head and neck cancer. She has been on local television and interviewed for national television programs (The Discovery Channel). Most recently, Dr. Geisler has traveled to West Africa to perform surgeries for villagers without access to healthcare.

wonder geisler card Dr. Geisler began her early professional life as a firefighter and thus enjoys physical training such as running, weightlifting and yoga during off hours.

A lifelong lover of the arts, she and her husband Bill support the Portland Center Stage Theater and the Portland Museum of Art. When she isn’t busy putting out fires or operating, Dr. Geisler enjoys spending time with Bill and their many friends.

Dental Mission Trips

Meet Dr. GeislerIn February of 2005, Dr. Geisler had a chance to spend two weeks in  Senegal sponsored by World Vision and her church, Lake Grove Presbyterian.

She went with a group to do health care; she was the only dentist. “I was by myself,” she says. “I didn’t have any electricity or plumbing, I didn’t have any assistants. Our team consisted of two nurses and two physicians and me.”

One of the physicians was a missionary general surgeon from the United States who they met up with there. To sterilize instruments they used bleach and heat. Needles were sterile, single use and they had hand sanitizer.

She mainly extracted teeth. “Every child I saw in the village had terrible tooth decay, in part because they had radically changed their diet because they had had a locust infestation that had destroyed their millet crop, which is their staple.”

Meet Dr. Geisler | Africa Mission

She also spent some time with a local dentist. The team brought over $30,000 worth of donated medications and antibiotics.

Along with members of her church, she has also been helping equip a hospital in Senegal, sending over supplies and instruments, trying to get the operating rooms outfitted so that surgeons who go over can do more extensive surgeries.

In November 2006 Dr. Geisler traveled back to West Africa, this time to Burkina Fasso with Medical Teams International “The need was overwhelming in this country. There were only three dentists in the entire country of eleven million people at that time.” Geisler and her team provided oral health care to over four hundred patients during a ten day stay traveling throughout the country.

West Africa 2005 & 2006

Meet Dr. Geisler | Africa Mission
Meet Dr. Geisler | Africa Mission

Oregon Mission of Mercy


Give Kids a Smile

In January 2007, Geisler and her staff provided free care here in Oregon at the annual Give Kids a Smile in Northeast Portland. She and her staff have continued giving back to Oregonians through their annual participation in the Mission of Mercy. “We close the office down and head over to the Convention Center in Portland to provide free dental care. We couldn’t do this if we didn’t have such great support from our patients.” GeislerOMS has participated in every Portland based Mission of Mercy since it’s inception in 2010.

Meet Dr. Geisler | Annual Give - Kids - A - Smile
Meet Dr. Geisler | Annual Give - Kids - A - Smile

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