Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Implants

How experienced is Dr. Geisler with dental implants?

Dr. Geisler is very experienced with dental implant reconstruction. She has been placing implants for over 20 years and greatly enjoys this aspect of her practice as she is very detail-oriented and artistic. She treats hundreds of patients each year who are seeking dental implant reconstruction. Dr. Geisler is a board certified Oral Surgeon. In addition, she reviews original research articles for the Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery in the Dental Implant section which allows her to see all the most recent advances in dental implant surgery. She is a published author on the topic of dental implants in the Journal of the American Dental Association.

What are the steps involved in having a dental implant placed with Dr. Geisler?

We always begin with a consultation appointment with Dr. Geisler for dental implant surgery. At this appointment, we assess your overall health and the health of your jaws. We discuss different options for you and formulate a plan.

Following this, there is a surgical procedure with the anesthetic of your choice. You are then invited to see Dr. Geisler in follow up after surgery. After the implant(s) have healed, there is another short procedure to expose the implant so that your dentist or prosthodontist can begin making a crown.

In some cases, we will place a temporary tooth on the newly placed implant. This is done so that we get the best esthetic results. Not all patients require this step, however.

How are fees handled for this procedure?

Most in-network oral surgery practices charge you for each item or service that you receive. Every time you are in the office, you or your insurance may be billed. This can add cost onto your case that you may be responsible for, in spite of having insurance.

For example, with dental implant surgery, you and your insurance company may be billed for:

  • Placement of the dental implant
  • Imaging of the jaws before and after dental implant placement
  • Secondary consult fees
  • Bone grafting
  • Study models
  • Surgical dental implant guide
  • Tray setup fee
  • Implant uncovering
  • Anesthesia services
  • Follow up care

At Geisler OMS, we bundle our services. This means that the fee that we quote you at the time of consultation for a dental implant will include imaging (preoperative and postoperative), placement of your implant, your surgical guide, implant uncovering, and all follow-up care. There are no hidden fees.

Anesthesia services are billed separately and will add cost onto your case if you chose to have sedation with your procedure.

My dentist says that my dental implant reconstruction is complex. Will these add fees to my case?

Complex dental implant cases may require advanced imaging with a radiologist reviewing your case. This can add cost. Jaws that are deficient in bone height and/or width may also require bone grafting which can also add cost to a case.

We believe strongly in 100% transparency with the cost of care and will disclose to you prior to surgery what the costs are. Therefore, there are no hidden costs at Geisler OMS. Our goal is to keep your expenses affordable while giving you excellent surgical care delivered with compassion.

Will you bill my medical and dental insurance?

Yes! We provide electronic billing of both medical and dental insurance(s) on the day of service. We will also provide you with paper insurance claims that you can mail in as well, if you chose to do so. If you run into trouble with your insurance, we will advocate for you with your insurance carrier(s).

Do you file preauthorization of benefits?

Yes! We file preauthorization of benefits for both medical and dental services.
It normally takes a few weeks to hear back from the insurance companies regarding benefits.

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