Dental Implants with Advanced Technology

Dental implants have long been the preferred teeth replacement method because of the way in which they emulate natural teeth, cosmetically and functionally. Our computer-guided implant placement systems have taken this innovative procedure one step further.

Consistently Excellent Implant Treatments

Board-certified oral surgeon Dr. Geisler invests in partnerships with elite companies that use high-tech dental equipment and premium materials to ensure our dental implant procedures are safe, fast, and comfortable. This allows us to provide implant treatment plans and surgical care that consistently produce excellent outcomes.

What is computer-guided implant surgery?

Computer-guided implant surgery is an advanced multi-step process that ensures precise dental implant placement. With cutting-edge software, we gather 3D images of your jaw, teeth, and gum tissue to plan your surgery and then guide us as we place the implants. This ensures maximum accuracy and the ability to adapt to almost any jawbone structure.

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How is computer-guided dental implant surgery done?

The first step is collecting digital impressions with a 3D intraoral scanner that produces computer-generated visuals of your mouth. This eliminates traditional physical molds and gooey materials. Digital impressions are quick and easy, reducing the amount of time you’re in the chair and improving that time as well.

To provide the highest level of service and quality, we send clear and accurate impression data to trusted labs that create custom-made implant materials and equipment based on your needs and treatment plan. This allows us to place your new implant in the exact planned position. We then place the abutment and a temporary crown during that same visit, creating both a functional and aesthetic result immediately.

Once the healing period is complete, your dentist replaces the temporary crown with a permanent restoration that matches the color of your natural teeth.

What are the benefits of the Azento™ treatment process developed by Dentsply Sirona?

  • Custom-designed for you
  • Completed in one day
  • Convenient: fewer visits and less chair time
  • Safe for neighboring teeth
  • Aesthetically authentic

Why Expediency Matters

The ability to place an implant, its abutment, and a temporary crown in one visit is not only convenient for you, but it also benefits the health of your jawbone. When you lose a tooth, you also lose the pressure needed to preserve bone and soft tissue contours. Since Azento™ provides us with everything we need, including the final prosthetic plan, we are able to place an immediate implant and provisional restoration, saving valuable surgical time and the potential for bone loss.

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