After Dental Implant Placement

How Long Is The Dental Implant Process?

It depends on your specific situation.Comfortable patient with neck pillow

If you have a failing, single rooted tooth, Dr. Geisler can often place the dental implant at the time of extraction. The area will then need to heal for about four months before your dentist can attach the final implant crown.

If the failing tooth has a great deal of bone loss, or has multiple roots, the area will require bone grafting at the time of extraction. Bone grafts require a minimum of four months of healing time. Once the bone graft has healed after the extraction of a multi-rooted tooth, the implant will be placed. The implant will require about two months of healing time. So, in this instance, there is a total of six months from start to finish before the dentist can attach the final implant crown.

Very complex cases may require longer periods of time for bone and dental implant healing. On average, most cases require four to six months of healing time before your dentist can attach the final implant crown.

Why Does It Take This Much Time For Healing?

Beautiful, long-lasting work takes time!

Bone growth in the jaws takes a minimum of four months of healing time. It is important that your implant heal fully and completely so that it lasts for a long time.

Will I See A Tooth After My Surgery With You?

Generally, no.

Dr. Geisler will work on the reconstruction of your bone and placing the implant during your surgery with her. The implant is like the root of a tooth and will be placed in the bone under the gum tissue, and will not be visible after surgery and during the healing process. In some instances, a small button may be attached to the implant at the time of surgery to aid in healing.

We can attach a temporary tooth to the implant very soon after surgery in some cases. Ask us about this option!

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Dental Implants

are the most technologically advanced and longest lasting tooth replacement option available. Restore your confidence… Smile, Eat and Enjoy!

So, Will I Go Home Without A Tooth?

Not unless you want to!

We will make sure to replace the tooth in a manner that is acceptable to you so that when you leave surgery, there is a tooth present. Just ask us about all the options available to you.

Which Is Better, A Bridge Or A Dental Implant?

In general, dental implants are preferred to a dental bridge. The reason for this preference is that bridges require cutting down of the teeth on either side of the gap. Hygiene is also more difficult with bridges as you can not floss in the normal manner. But for some patients, a bridge may be a better option, especially if you need new crowns on the teeth next to the failing tooth.

Be sure and ask Dr. Geisler if you are confused about any of this information, and she can explain in more detail why an implant may be a better choice for you.

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