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Insurance Policy for Dr. Stacy Geisler

At Geisler Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, we believe in treating patients fairly and equally. This begins with disclosing to you as a patient the cost of care in our facility. Many “in-network” providers are not able to disclose the entire costs of care prior to surgery since there are different fee schedules based on the level of insurance coverage. Your cost as a patient will be determined by a fee schedule which is known to the insurance company and the negotiated rate with the provider.

In order for us to be able to disclose our fees to you, and to treat all patients equally regardless of their insurance status, Geisler OMS is not an “in-network” provider for any medical or dental insurance. You will receive a quote at the time of consultation for your procedure. Follow up care at Geisler OMS as well as additional imaging, if needed, is included in this quote. We will electronically file your medical and dental insurance for you and any reimbursement from your insurance will be sent directly to you. Reimbursement can take as long as 30 days but usually averages about one to two weeks.

Because we have one fee schedule, and our administrative fees are lower, our cost of care is often lower than in-network providers. Be sure to ask us if you have questions about our financial policies or if you would like an insurance preauthorization. We are here to help!

For more information about our financial policies or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Geisler, contact our friendly Lake Oswego staff today. We look forward to meeting you!

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