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5 out of 5 stars based on 29 reviews.

Patient Review by Mary K

Dr. Stacy is exceptional, as is her staff. Everyone is so pleasant, kind and knowledgeable. Dr. Stacy genuinely cares about you, your procedure and your outcome. I feel so very fortunate to have found Geisler Oral Surgery. Dr. Stacy is very knowledgeable and makes sure you know every step that is occurring. I also had to call her, outside of office hours. She was quick to answer and was able to ease my mind and help me a great deal, over the phone. Unfortunately, I have had to have numerous teeth extracted, but this was my first procedure by Dr, Stacy. This is the first time I did not end up with a dry socket. I sm very appreciative of the well done procedure, Dr. Stacy and her staff! Thank you so much, your dental clinic is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Thank you, Dr. Stacy and your entire staff!

- Mary K

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Patient Review by Carol B

Thank you for all the wonderful care that you gave to my friend. You truly are such a special person. Your warmth, professionalism and genuine concern puts everyone at ease. My friend said "I LOVE her." She was so worried because she had received rough care from other oral surgeons but you really put her at ease and made her feel very comfortable. We are so lucky to have found you!

- Carol B

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Patient Review by Hadley H

Thank you so much for the flowers you gave me! They are so pretty and they smell AMAZING. Also, thanks for being such a great doctor with all my surgeries!

- Hadley H

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Patient Review by Jeanne D

Thank you for your wonderful treatment! It made me begin to like dentists again!

- Jeanne D

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Patient Review by Jane P

I want to thank you for the care you have given my friend D. You and your office have been so kind and compassionate to reach out to her with hope and encouragement after she was told my others in Southern Oregon that she could not have teeth. You referral to Dr. Larry Over has been very successful. For the first time since her cancer diagnosis, D. now has hope that she can eat normal foods again. Thank you for all that you do for others and for the professional and loving care that you have extended to my lifelong friend.

- Jane P

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Patient Review by Brittany F

Our family became acquainted with Dr Geisler via personal friends but we were unaware of her professional focus until we came upon her website while searching for oral surgeons. Our hope was to get a few second opinions after our first visit with another oral surgeon. We were thrilled to be able to meet with Dr. Geisler right away and relieved that our need to search for others was over. Our twin 13 year old girls were in need of wisdom teeth removal (which was nerve racking for all of us since we couldn't believe they needed to have them removed at such a young age) quickly because of cysts forming for one of them and having them bump against other teeth for the other. Dr Geisler's office was welcoming and relaxing from the moment we walked into the door. Her warm greeting and clear explanation of the procedure was super reassuring for all of us. We were able to schedule the procedures soon and she and her team provided amazing care - even through the COVID-19 pandemic! Both girls were extremely comfortable with how the procedure went and we appreciated her follow up that evening and in the appointments soon after the surgery. There were also very nice touches along the way. We can't say enough great things about Dr. Geisler and we highly recommend her!!

- Brittany F

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Patient Review by Jean C

Dr. Geisler is professional, caring and sincere with skill way beyond the norm. Every appointment with Dr. Geisler has been a good experience from start to finish. I'm extremely grateful for Dr. Geisler's help and compassion, including her staff.

- Jean C

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Patient Review by Marion B

Thanks again for the lovely time I had at your "spa". I felt so pampered, so special! I thought the ice cream was great but the roses-- over the top!!! Oh, and the part about my tooth, that was good too.

- Marion B

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Patient Review by D L

Dear Dr. Geisler, I want to thank you and your wonderful staff for the excellent level of care you provided to me in preparing for my upcoming stem cell transplant. The kindness and compassion shown by everyone there truly made this difficult time easier, and I deeply appreciate everything you did for me.

- D L

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Patient Review by Betty H

Thank you so much for your kind service and all the special care you gave me during my procedure. The ice cream, tea and flowers were a special touch. I give you all an A+!!

- Betty H

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Patient Review by Anne S

I am extremely grateful to Dr. Stacy Geisler of Geisler Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery in Lake Oswego, OR. I lost a molar crown on New Year’s Eve and by the time that I could obtain an emergency referral to Dr. Geisler four days later, I was in serious pain. Although the remains of the tooth had to be extracted, the surgery was flawless and recovery was quick and successful. Moreover, Dr Geisler is such a delightful, caring person and I am really very sorry that (hopefully) I will not be seeing her often again. You know that you’ve found a treasure when you anticipate visiting your oral surgeon!

- Anne S

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Patient Review by Barbara F

I cannot express how touched I was by your generosity in making my implant affordable. As someone who is self-employed (as you are), I must depend upon my relationship with my clients. I can understand why you experience success because you truly care for your patients!

- Barbara F

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Patient Review by Linda H

Thank you for the lovely flowers and especially for your kind care of my complicated case! I particularly appreciated that you provided a post-procedure medication plan that was workable, so I wouldn't be sick to my stomach! Many thanks and warmest appreciation!

- Linda H

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Patient Review by David W

I wanted to thank you for your prompt response to my emergency phone call the Friday evening before last. I could not get ahold of my dentist and I was in a lot of pain. Thank you for your immediate call back and for prescribing the antibiotic, etc. You are the ultimate professional and such a beautiful human being. The root canal with Dr. Welk and the crown with Dr. Jia went smoothly and I am in good shape as I walk the beach this weekend at Canon Beach. It is a luxury-- to receive such wonderful care from you and your colleagues.

- David W

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Patient Review by Kathyrn B

Dear Dr. Geisler and PJ, KD, Aurora and Sarah, At age 75, and with multiple surgeries under my belt, I am surprised to be writing my first thank you note for a surgical procedure. I thought the ice cream was the best idea ever and then came the lovely bouquet of flowers! ALMOST makes me wish that I needed more surgery with you! Thank you for all the TLC and the positive experience. I do appreciate all the effort!

- Kathyrn B

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Patient Review by Yvonne K

Of all the doctors and dentists I've been too, you are the only one I "LOVE" to see. Thank you for your great work, your wonderful and caring staff, your hugs and prayers. Know that you are loved. Th ice cream was yummy and the roses are still thriving.

- Yvonne K

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Patient Review by Judy H


- Judy H

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Patient Review by Diane P

Thank you for making a not always so fun adventure quite pleasant. Your attention to your patients exceeds what one tends to experience these days. You have a most pleasant and helpful staff. Thank you to all... I am delighted with the care that I received from your office.

- Diane P

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Patient Review by Isabelle A

Thank you for your excellent care and compassion! You and your coworkers are extraordinary!

- Isabelle A

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Patient Review by Carol W

Thank you for taking such good care of me! I really didn't worry about the polyp, but it was nice to get the report that it was "non-cancerous!" Your staff is warm and pleasant- and you manage to treat your patients with "pleasantries"! I left your location with an arrangement of gorgeous Pink-Rose roses - one of my favorite colors! They are stunning! Thank you for everything including the healing procedure. God Bless.

- Carol W

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